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When choosing the appropriate type of tooth colored filling to use, Oradell, NJ cosmetic dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter may consider the amount of damage to the tooth, the position of the tooth in your mouth, and the placement of the cavity which needs to be filled. For smaller cavities, it is very common to use composite fillings, a type of white filling which can be created in a single office visit.

Creating a Composite Filling

Composite fillings are very similar to dental bonding in that they are comprised of a dental composite material that is applied in several layers. Each layer is hardened before the next is applied, and the final layer is sealed to protect the filling from moisture and bacteria.

Dental composite comes in a variety of tints and can be matched to the color of your surrounding teeth, making it to virtually undetectable to others. This benefit, along with the ability to be placed in a single day, often makes composite fillings the favored choice over porcelain inlays and onlays, which require two visits to create and place.

Additionally, composite fillings almost never require additional tooth material to be removed. For this reason, they are preferred for smaller cavities. If the cavity is too large, porcelain fillings may be used instead of dental composite because it is harder and will more effectively withstand wear and tear.

Why Composite Instead of Metal

Composite fillings are comprised of a combination of resin material and ceramic material, making it much more chemically stable than metal fillings. Metal fillings not only expand and contract with heat and cold, causing the tooth structure to weaken and possibly break, but many types of metal amalgam still contain traces of mercury, a dangerous substance which has been linked with tissue disorders. Even traces of mercury can leach into the surrounding soft tissue of your gums and mouth, causing gum damage.

Unlike metal amalgam, dental composite will not cause damage to soft tissue it comes into contact with. This, coupled with its ability to match the shade of surrounding tooth enamel, makes composite an ideal material for fillings and certainly a preferable choice compared to metal amalgam.

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