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Pediatric dentistry, or dental care for children, differs considerably from adult dentistry. From the time that your child gets his first tooth in, the goal of dental care is the promotion of healthy tooth growth and good alignment. Your child’s first dental appointment should take place about six weeks after the first tooth comes in so that Oradell children's dentist Dr. Howard Perlmutter can examine the tooth for developmental indicators and nutritional care.

Children's Dentist | Bergenfield, Oradell, Dumont NJ

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

From the time your child has a single tooth, you should begin modeling appropriate dental care practices. Many types of baby food are high in sugar content, which can be harmful to tooth enamel. If allowed to rest on the tooth surface, it can turn into tartar and plaque. You can protect against childhood tooth decay by massaging your baby’s gums with a damp cloth before he gets any teeth in, and then by using a baby toothbrush to brush baby teeth when they arrive.

Good Habits from a Young Age

You should avoid letting your child chew on his toothbrush since this behavior may damage more sensitive baby teeth. It is also important to help your child learn how to follow correct dental hygiene from an early age to prevent costly repairs later in life. When your child has teeth too close together to be effectively cleaned on all sides with a toothbrush, you can show him how to use dental floss to care for gums and the edge where the teeth meet on either side.

Learning good dental hygiene at a young age can help your child maintain good dental health throughout his lifetime, and it can save you the time and cost of dental repairs during adolescence.

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